midtown-sub1Midtown is home to a lot of Sacramento’s young working singles, many of whom are fresh out of college, and a large contingent of lobbyists and politicians who want to live close to the Capitol. It is a bike and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with no shortage of restaurants, art galleries, historical buildings and nightlife options. People who live in midtown enjoy being a part of the city’s center, and most have a sincere connection to the arts community and local business network.

The architecture in Midtown can only be described as Victorian, Victorian, Victorian. The vibrant colors and designs of this style give Midtown its adorable look and feel, while the newer loft developments add a touch of “urban hipster” to the vibe. More than half of the residences in Midtown are multi-family dwellings, from duplexes to triplexes and beyond.

Midtown is popular with real estate investors, as there is no shortage of eager tenants seeking to get into the neighborhood, and homeowners that like the idea of occupying just one unit of a larger building, while collecting rental income. Many of the properties in Midtown are also getting older and in need of repair, making it a hot destination for flippers and those with a genuine passion for
property restoration.

Borders: 16th

midtown-sub2Neighborhoods: Lavender Heights (K and 20th Street), Sutter District (in and around Sutter’s Fort and Sutter General), the Handle District (between K Street and Capitol Ave, between 17th Streets). Some people also consider Boulevard Park and New Era Park to be located in Midtown.

Places of interest: Sutter’s Fort, Memorial Auditorium Street to Alhambra Blvd., between J and R Streets

East Sacramento

East Sac ColonialEast Sac was originally established as a neighborhood that offered “a 15 minute drive from Downtown,” and today, people still love it for the convenience factor. Since it was built, East Sac has prided itself on being one of Sacramento’s most prestigious neighborhoods, as it is home to many affluent families and stunning homes with rich, original character.

East Sac is most well-known for the “Fabulous Forties” neighborhood, a section of large, historic and enchanting homes located between the streets of 38th and 46th to the west and east, and J and Folsom to the north and south. Ronald Reagan is just one of many notable residents to have inhabited this area at some point in time.

East Sac is also popular because of its proximity to McKinley Park, a 32-acre park with a library, community center and tennis courts. Residents love to walk or jog on the trails of the park, partake in the occasional free yoga class, attend summer concerts or give their dogs some space to roam.

Because of its popularity, and proximity to several major Sacramento hospitals that employ thousands of people, East Sac is an expensive neighborhood to live in. When the housing market crashed in 2007, it had the lowest drop in property values in all of Sacramento, and has been rebounding ever since 2012. Nonetheless, most of its die-hard fans, who love the great schools, communal feel and growing retail presence, consider it to be well worth the money.

East Sac

Boundaries: Alhambra to 65th, A to T Streets

Schools: Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s elementary (both Catholic K-8), Theodore Judah, David Lubin, and Caleb Greenwood (public K-6), Sutter Middle and Kit Carson Middle Schools (public 7-8 grades), St. Francis High School (Catholic All Girls High School)

Fun Facts: East Sac residents love the holiday season.  Every year, the “Fab 40’s” are aglow with strings of lights connecting the mature trees, and parts of 53rd Street are known as “Christmas on Crack” because of the explosion of lights that can be seen from the freeway.


Pocket-Greenhaven is a middle/upper class suburban neighborhood located 10 minutes south of downtown, making it a popular destination for people who want a short commute, but the feel of larger homes and lots.

The Pocket side of the neighborhood is named for its semi-circle shape, which runs alongside the meandering Sacramento River. It is known for Riverlake, a gated community of luxury homes that overlook their own private lake on the north side of Pocket Road, and several very large homes overlooking the river with private boat docks and tranquil views on the south side of Pocket Road.

Aside from a few recent new construction developments, the Pocket neighborhood
consists mostly of architecture from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Large ranch and traditional brick homes are common, as are the more modern stucco and art-deco styles. Many of the homes have substantial backyards with pools and plenty of space.

The Greenhaven side of the neighborhood was built before the Pocket side (some of it part of a planned development from the 1970’s) and is known for its ranch-styles homes, ranging from modest duplexes and three-bedroom single stories to large riverfront properties and multi-acre lots. Like the Pocket area, Greenhaven families tend to take very good care of their homes, and stay in the neighborhood for generations.

The entire Pocket-Greenhaven neighborhood is known for its low crime rate and high-ranking schools. It experienced significant price spikes in the 2005-2006 boom, and still has not completely rebounded from the recession. But it still remains a very popular location for growing families and boating enthusiasts.

Geography: Bordered by Interstate 5 on the east, and the Sacramento river on the south, west and north.

Schools: Caroline Wenzel, Merryhill and Matsuyama Elementary Schools; Martin Luther King, Jr. and Genevieve Didion K-8 Schools; School of Engineering and Sciences (7-12); Kennedy High School.