Investment Properties

Despite the recent housing boom, Sacramento is still a hot destination for income properties, and the options are as diverse as the investors themselves. Some people prefer to invest in high-end neighborhoods, where the tenant base is financially secure and pride of ownership great. In neighborhoods like Midtown, Land Park, South Land Park and East Sac, investors can still find residential income properties that are cash-flow positive with only 20% down.

For cash buyers that are looking for cheaper properties or fixer-uppers, neighborhoods such as Tahoe Park, South Sacramento, parts of Greenhaven and Oak Park have an endless option of single and multi-family properties with excellent returns and low gross income multipliers.

We represent all types of investors, from individuals and families to corporations and home-flippers. We work with each client to find the right property, assist with remodels and turnovers, secure the best tenants and property management firms, and design the ideal financial strategy for short and long-term investments. Our clients come from all over the state of California, as Sacramento continues to offer some of the most competitive, affordable real estate investment options around.