Tahoe Park

tahoe-park1Tahoe Park is known for its small, charming homes on deep lots. It is a neighborhood where houses with the original character of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s architecture are still available at affordable prices. This makes it very popular for first-time home-buyers, particularly young professionals, artists and families. Some buyers stay in Tahoe Park long-term because they like the diverse and communal nature of the neighborhood. Block parties, movie nights and barbeques are a regular occurrence, and new residents are welcomed to the club with open arms. Other buyers consider Tahoe Park to be a good starter location, eventually moving on to Land Park or East Sac as their families grow, or when they can afford to “move up.”

Because of its proximity to the UC Davis Med Center and Shriner’s Hospital, Tahoe Park is a popular place for people in the medical profession. Investors also like it because the single family homes are affordable, and make great rentals for the steady supply of qualified tenants who work nearby. Tahoe Park is also one of the many neighborhoods in Sacramento that still has not rebounded to 2005-2006 price points, making it even more attainable than ever before.

tahoe-park3The park itself (Tahoe Park) is a destination for outdoor recreation, including frisbee, wiffleball tournaments and swimming at the community pool. It also has its own Farmer’s Market in the summertime.

Schools: Tahoe Elementary School (K-6)

Geography: It is bordered by Highway 50 and Broadway to the north, 14th Avenue to the south, 53rd and 57th Streets to the west, and 65th Street to the east.